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Hands-on proactive management allows us to unlock hidden value and provide confidence
to our investors.

Our Investment Strategy

Our strategy is to grow a profitable real estate portfolio with the support of a scalable asset management platform and to moderate certain risks through geographic, tenant and property diversification.  We continue to target attractive assets with good fundamentals at substantial discounts to replacement cost. Our underwriting includes macroeconomic and property-specific factors related to the business cycle and local market conditions. And we engage our most senior and experienced team members to unlock the value in these assets through proactive, hands-on management.

Our core strengths include:

  • A track record of success in managing such investments
  • Strong deal flow
  • Deep operating know how
  • The ability to move quickly
  • A reputation for closing on our commitments
  • Private equity and capital markets expertise

Our investment approach also focuses on fundamental real estate analysis and considers many factors such as the macroeconomic environment as well as the direction of the business cycle and local real estate market conditions.

Our underwriting is intended to confirm that:

  • The target property is, at its core, a quality asset
  • The target property’s underperformance can be explained and corrected
  • That substantial value can be created and realized by correcting such underperformance

Key Objective

Our key objective is to generate superior risk-adjusted returns over time. We intend to achieve that objective by growing and maintaining a balanced portfolio of real estate assets, balanced in terms of asset type, market cycles, geography, and tenant mix.

Now that you know more about our investment approach,
we invite you to take a look at our growing portfolio.

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